Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maria's Primal Goldmine

If your resolutions were anything like mine, the list looked a bit sad and quirky.  But, one of those things - as always - was a bit more realistic.  Take gluten out of my diet.  So, with my proverbial sword in hand (read: the internets), I began my quest.
Oh, good lord, thank you Maria!  And by 'Maria'... I actually mean Maria.  Maria Emmerich has been a nutritionist and primal/paleo food advocate for years.  Her books, blog and recipes are an absolute delight.

I made this pizza last night (this is her photo, mine looked a bit more brown).  But oh, geebz did it taste amazing.

While her main goal is to cut harmful gluten, corn and chemicals from her clients diets, she also understands people's needs to supplement their old, treasured comfort foods.  

Whether it's a chocolate mousse pie, a sloppy joe (she uses grass-fed beef and has her own recipe for the bun!), or jicama sliced to resemble tortilla chips - she intends to make it taste great, first and foremost.

So, stalk her website, buy the book if you wish, and get to'll be better for it, and you might be able to sneak this in front of a loved-one without them noticing the change.

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