Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kick It!

Okay.  I'm a little behind the times.  While I was aware of Kickstarter.com I had never really checked it out.  Until I was informed of this prototype.  If only I had cool intro music to cue up...
Tembo Trunks are amazing.  A completely self-contained speaker system for your ipod.  It uses science (what? science?) to capitalize on the amplification properties of a cone.  You'll likely never hear me sound this intelligent again, so listen up.  Seriously, they are a one-piece molded rubber that contains no other parts, batteries or attachments.  You simply plug your earbuds into the pre-formed slot and the sound is exponentially amplified.  You can roll them up, hose them down, and even squish them into each other (they were designed that way).  Amazing.
So, if you like to see brilliant people succeed in business start-ups (oh, and you want a pair of these), check out their Kickstarter.com link, here.

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