Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful For: Family

Because we all need family to keep us grounded and humble.  My momma constantly reminding me that I can achieve anything with hard work.  My brother lets me vent about breakups, weird co-worker and client stories.  My sister is a wealth of knowledge about all the girlie-bits I don't understand.  And then, the munchkins.

 The lil' weeblos to remind me that little victories are the most exciting.  Fitting half a churro in your mouth and actually chewing it - a successful five minute task.  Saying the word 'zebra'...really hard! Learning how to make the crow squawk on the iPad balloon game - nice job!

They are constantly here to remind us that life is more than just about clothes and shoes and new cars.  (unless they're neon Vans that you bought for the munchkin - cuz the look on his face was priceless!)

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