Monday, June 27, 2011

Farmer's Market Salad

After 48 hours of doing nothing but picking up fabric swatches, picking up furniture, and picking out home decor, I decided a break was needed.  Quick walk to the local farmer's market was just the break I needed.

If you've never had a chance to hit The Venice Grind (website, here), be glad to know that they have a mobile coffee cart.  Individually-poured cups of very rich, bold coffee, but slowly steeped in each cup.  Just the kick I needed in the morning.

Maybe it was the great cup of coffee, but my taste buds were dancing, and itching for more exotic flavors that morning.  I discovered these shortbread lemongrass cookies...they even had an orange glaze on the top.  So perfect with an early AM cup of beans.

Now we were rolling.  On the way to pick up the usual strawberries (so sweet this time of year), the vendor told us about her golden white cherry tomatoes.  Just as sweet as standard tomatoes, but with a great tang.  They do look a lot like grapes, though.

I also couldn't pass up a vendor whose farm is right next to my grandfather's in San Diego.  After discussing his macadamia nuts, cherimoyas, and kumquats, I discovered garlic chives.  Just like they sound - the crunch of chives, but they smell and taste like a mild garlic.  Done and done.

A quick baggie of arugula, and pit stop at the flower stand.  Finally - shoulder stressed from the load - I was ready to head home.  While this salad we made was amazing, just consider it a guide.  Almost any seasonal fruit and veggies can be tossed in a balsamic dressing to help your meal feel like summer.

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