Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend Warrior?

Perhaps more unconventional than most warriors...but inspirations and weekend projects, nonetheless.  Between a picnic, a potluck and a birthday dinner, I have tons of baking, projects and decorations to attack!  First off, re-making these turnovers, since they are always a big hit.

For the effort that these require, they are more than worth the 20-minute task!  And the final product looks far more labor-intensive.  The key: starting with a quality apple butter.

Quick fix to making homemade cupcakes fit the decor at a woodsy picnic.  Entire tutorial, seen here.

Turning an old stack of over-worn tees into produce bags.  Between the Sunday farmer's market and hauling a stack of tupperware from the trunk of my car, these are a must.  Awesome how-to found, here.

Great way to ensure my glassware comes back to me after the potluck.  As much as I may love sharing, don't steal my bakeware.  Ever.  How to etch your own glassware, seen here.

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