Friday, June 3, 2011

For the Boys

Wave Tape Dispenser, here. (handmade from walnut) $125

Shopping for Dad is generally frustrating.  If your poppa is anything like mine, he constantly buys whatever he wants the minute he decides he needs it.  And, when asked, he never wants a gift.  Boo.
Since that's never a good answer for me, I thought I would simultaneously help you guys, while I search for a gift for my dad this Father's Day.  So...good luck!

For the Manly Man:

Charcoal Soap, here. (cold-pressed and uber-manly-scented)  $6
Book, here. (if you've never read his 1,001 life rules...check yourself!)  $12
Whiskey Tumblers, here. (cut from beer bottles...what's more manly!)  $30

The Chromed Man:

iwatchz Straps, here. (silicone in eight colors, leather available too)  $40
Toro Tissue Ring, here. (brilliantly weighted to eliminate the tissue box)  $18
Solar iphone Charger, here. (small, sleek and green...and chrome!)  $100

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