Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Those Muddling Kids...

After a weekend of mojitos, spritzers and punches, I came to a swift conclusion this morning:  I need a muddler. I am way too fond of fresh, bold flavors to not be able to muddle some fruit and herbs, myself.
Not familiar with a muddler?  It's that really cool mortar-like thingy that your bartender uses when you order complicated drinks that take more than a bottle opener (  I order these).  But, lo and behold!  Mr. Mojito to the rescue!

Not only does the Mr. Mojito Company sell solid-wood, high-quality muddlers, but the site also shows you techniques and recipes from the pros to get you started.  Dang.  Quick tip I learned: don't waste your time and energy, only to have your drink fall flat of expectations...a good 8-12 twists of the muddler per drink is a safe range to get enough flavor when experimenting.  So, stock your bars for summer...we got 12 weeks of fun to get through together! (found, here.)

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