Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I find that my most memorable weekends are the ones that didn't involve any itinerary at all.  Between a wedding out of town, and a to-do list that would rival any tween-best-selling novel, I didn't have any chance to plan a weekend party.
This led to a fly by the seat-of-your-pants weekend.  Starting my weekend with a Mint Cantaloupe Champagne Spritzer (might be the best breakfast ever). 

Perfectly seasoned cheeseburgers on the balcony.  A super citrus-y pale ale and oven-baked french fries put this barbecue towards the top of my all-time favorites list.

Cheaply turning fancy lemonade into adult beverages by adding sweet-tea flavored vodka.  Really awesome, and equally dangerous when sitting on the beach or wandering around the boardwalk.  Hope your weekend was just as memorable.

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