Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Three

I'm always curious how people justify their purchases.  I mean un-necessary purchases.  Let's be honest - I don't need another pair of shoes.  But how do I justify those $30, $45, or $50 shoes each time?
There's a great article by GQ...great that it features Scott from the Sartorialist, dishing about how to purchase, so that you never have to think about your purchases.

"...take an extra half an hour when buying the clothes, and extra half an hour at the tailor to make sure they perfectly fit you, and an extra half an hour in the morning to make sure you are confident in your choices.

Then think about food, think about women, think about cars - and only think about your tie when you buy the next one."

So, were these last three really the best, most calculated, classic choices that existed?  Perhaps not.  But, I can relish in these facts; my Sam Edelman gladiators can still be worn far into fall with the perfect amount of neon versus neutral (and the $30 clearance tag at Bloomingdale's didn't hurt, either).
My Franco Sarto ankle booties (great Nordstroms find for $40 in April), are now being replicated in all the bridge lines in department stores for fall.  Really, just saw them in the 'new collection' section of H&M for more than I paid.

And then these...I think athletic shoes are hard to talk myself out of.  Clearance Nike's at under $30.  It was happening.  For the "when my others wear out", for the "if I need to throw something on" and for the "but they're cute."
Sometimes a girl just needs a cute pair.

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