Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chain Letter

I was invited to join a multi-city art concept.  I would say 'gallery show', but it was more of an experiment in community, artist inspiration and curatorial insanity.  Glad I could participate.

I was invited by this artist, who I love and admire.  Her website, here.  She was asked to invite 10 artists who create work that she admires.  Yay!  I was on that list!  So, now it was my turn...

I, in turn, invited 10 artists that I admire.  This artist, above...(website here).

And this artist... (website here).

And eight more.  Not all of them could make the trek to Los Angeles to participate.  But every artist continued to invite 10 artists that they admired, and so on.  On the morning of the show installation, I showed up about 30 minutes before the gallery opened.  I was still the 223rd person in line.  Eeek.

I was lucky enough to have a piece in the show.  I didn't manage to get the work I wanted into the installation.  I'm a painter, and all the works had to be positioned on the floor.  I had to make some adjustments.  After three failed attempts at mixing a sculpture compound...I had to adjust my plan of attack.
Just like everyone else in life - artists sometimes fail, too.  But, the sketches I had from a previous work ended up being both fragile enough and bold enough to sustain a presence on the floor.  An easel-backed frame and a little flat-white paint.  Disaster averted.
View the entire show at Shoshana Wayne Gallery (site here).

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