Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bionic Eye

This is beyond rad.  Tanya Vlach, has a prosthetic eye.  She asked the smarty-pants in the engineering world to help create a web-cam that could fit inside the acrylic shell of her prosthetic eye.  This camera could be controlled with a remote and a smartphone application.  I'm equally impressed with the dialogue that is surrounding her proposition; what truly makes an 'eye', what 'vision' really means, and how human you can/can't be with a prosthetic, kinetic eye.  Blame the art-school part of me.
With 13 days left in her Kickstarter pledge-building phase...I kinda' want to see her succeed.  No, she is not a cyborg.  No, she is not planning to become a spy.  And, no, she is not using the camera for a 24-hour looped television show.  She's just aiding her own dream, and potentially the dreams of others.  Feel free to check out her pledge-page, here.