Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garlic Oil

One of the best cooking ingredients I've ever made from scratch.  I've used it to saute veggies, I've drizzled it over bacon-wrapped scallops, and I have an endless list of how I plan to use it.

1 head of garlic
1 cup olive oil
airtight container

Peel and slightly smash the entire head of garlic.  Yup, each clove.

 I had a wonderfully aromatic garbage bin for a couple hours.

Place is a small pot and add the olive oil.  Start on medium-high heat for about 2 to 3 minutes, until small bubbles begin to form around the cloves.

At this point, turn the stove down a bit (you don't want the garlic to brown or fry).  Cook on medium or low for another 8-10 minutes while the oils cook together.

Now, this only lasts a week or so in the fridge.  So, start cooking!  Pretty sure roasted garlic chicken will be my next venture.

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