Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poncho Envy

So, I tend not to be adventurous in my fashion.  Tailored - yes.  Polished - yes.  But, adventurous I am not.  So, when I saw this photo (thanks, google) I was tempted to put a poncho on for size.

Kinda' excited about this one...problem is, this brand doesn't exist (yet!).  If you are anything like me, you will cyber-stalk JETkorine, as I will (site, here).

And then I found this photo...geez.  Do you have to be tall and blonde to pull of this look?  I hope not.  We're sort of in that in-between-space, weather-wise.  Do I stock up for fall?  Do I invest in more cutoffs?  Hmm...

Or do I just commit to looking like a bad-ass, year round?  I mean, if Clint can do it, can't I?

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