Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walk This Way: Part III (Mission Fig, Accomplished)

So, you're still with me?  So glad.  I'm still tippy-toeing into these new waters, if any of you are timid, as well, I'm glad to admit we are in the same boat.
My mom always taught me to look for the positive in everything.  Certainly one of her best practices, but I can advocate its use here, for sure.  Instead of dwelling on what I can't eat, I've spent a few days researching and discovering the new foods and ingredients I can now experiment with.

An amazing tasting coconut butter that has been blended with raw cocoa powder (graciously gifted to me my a paleo-friend in Australia).  LovingEarth, I learned, has an entire line of amazing butters and spreads, so start searching, here.  Hmmmm.  Someone suggested covering blueberries and freezing them.

These mission figs looked to delicious too pass up.  Plus, my family grew up loving figs, so I felt inspired to try to update some family favorites.  What to do with them now?

Perhaps I bought a surplus of dried apricots.  When you're starving at the farmer's market, what else can you do?  And in case you're wondering, the Mar Vista Farmer's Market in Los Angeles (corner of Venice and Grandview) is hands-down the best market I've ever been to.  Week after week.  Check out their site, here.

And, lastly...come on!  It was two dollars!  I spend two dollars every time I buy a lil' clamshell of sprigs.  Here's to hoping it lasts.  Check back tomorrow to see what I managed to concoct.  Suggestions welcome.

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