Friday, August 12, 2011

The Blaze

First, let me blame Miss D for this one....her lil' man was flipping through a kids' catalogue one morning, and in the manliest-tone-possible, asked his momma for "a blaze for his birthday".  True. Story.  Swear.
But, on to the good bits.  I found this blazer at a thrift store during their 'best of the best' weekend.  Talked them down to $15 (mighty steep for a thrift store, but both parties knew I was gonna walk out with it anyway).

Incredible details, great cut, and no visible wear on any part of the garment.  Fit me like a glove.  A glove with shoulder pads, anyway.

Ready for the fun bit?  Made in Italy.  Sold in Beverly Hills.  Def a product of the '80s.  It had to be mine.

Only snafu...the buttons aren't spectacular.  I've been on, scouring the thrift stores for random baggies of buttons, and even fabric stores.  Nothing yet.  I know four little buttons are sitting in this world, waiting for me to adopt them.  If you find these unicorns before I do, please be kind...send them to their mothership.  Thanks.

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