Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Little Things

I went into the pharmacy yesterday, dropping off prescriptions, with all intentions of parussing the nail polish aisle for new colors.  And then I saw this...

Maybe it's the fact that my brother and sister-in-law recently found out they are expecting their second lil weeblo.  Maybe it's the fact that it was $7.49.
But, I remember having a Big Wheel.  I remember my brother having one.  I remember the driveway races, going so fast the pedals couldn't keep up, and trying so hard to do donuts on asphalt (really hard, in case you were wondering).
No electronics, no flashing lights, nothing 'new-fangled-contraption' about it.  But really awesome.  So, with a two-year-old nephew and another niece/nephew on the way, I may be in the market for a bulk-buy discount. Does CVS do that?  They should.  I'll ask.

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