Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rings n' Things

Again, in the process of cleaning and organizing the closet.  I noticed an obvious trend in my ring assortment.  I only wear huge rings.  And I mean, really huge.

These aren't even rings.  They were lipstick holders in another life.  I found them years ago while thrifting, and thanks to my size 5 ring-ness, I was able to translate them to rings.  Yay.

But look what I found last week!  So cute, right?  I found it, here, for only $18.  I was told by a girlfriend that Tiffany's has a pure gold one for more than my monthly rent, but I am plenty fine with my decision.

Plus, I get to stray from my signature-sized accessories for a while.
(please pardon my bent pinkie finger... middle-school boys didn't like a girl on their basketball team, and were sure to let me know).

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