Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Games

I don't know how your weekend treated you, but mine wasn't half bad.  Started my Friday by re-potting a very enthusiastic rosemary plant.  It seems to double in size every day I come home from work.  It needed some love.

Very strange to think that this looked appetizing to the lil guy.  Oh, well.  My dinner was way better.

That's right.  Slow-roasted pork butt with Spanish spices.  Imagine the pulled pork that ends up in corn-husk tamales...that's what it tasted like.  Yum.

The roasted red peppers and the cast iron skillet seemed to finish the meat perfectly.  If I can re-create the spice measurements, I'll post the recipe (girl-scouts honor!).

And, lastly...I attended my first ever CrossFit games.  I got to see all the elite-level athletes from across the world compete in grueling workouts to test their fitness level (strength, endurance, accuracy, etc).  It was really inspiring - especially the womens' events (visit here).  But I also discovered this little gem, halfway through the summer...

Watermans' sunscreen (site, here).  Rubs in really slowly, has a slightly glossy texture, never stops working.  You read that right.  It penetrates your skin, so that it takes a couple of days to fully be washed off.  Through sweating, running around, and over 7 hours in the sun, not a single pink bit of skin.  Brilliant.

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