Monday, August 22, 2011

Nude...Not Naked

I read the fashion blogs.  I read the mags.  I even Google images at an extraordinary rate.  And, I know, there is one beauty trend I can not get on board with - bright lip color.

My daily beauty regimen refuses to stray from nude colors.  I know this is due to cowardice.  I hit the beauty stores like every one else, but I swipe those testers off my lips within seconds.

Ya' know, miss Trish McEvoy can keep me ensnared, as long as 'Sheer Naked' remains in her line.  And Essie will forever have me with 'Jazz'.  So, I'll let the rest of you pine over Nars, Tart and any other beauty line that has perfected the reds.  Give me naked any day!

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